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New Patients

Welcome to Guerette & Waybrant Chiropractic! Our walk-in clinic, located inside Lambton Mall, is a friendly and casual place to begin your journey toward healing. A large saltwater aquarium enhances the relaxing atmosphere to help you feel completely comfortable.

Your First Visit

Our front desk staff will greet you and review everything with you, including some simple paperwork to complete. Once you fill out your paperwork, you will usually be seen relatively quickly. You, like most patients, will probably be treated at this visit. Depending on how simple or complicated your case is, the exam can take 10-30 minutes. The treatment we provide will be customized to meet your individual needs. We never offer cookie-cutter plans.


Your Second Visit

This crucial visit gives us more information about you and how you have responded to treatment. We will determine if the treatment worked for you and if you noticed an improvement in your condition. Once we find out how you feel, we can see if we need to make any beneficial changes or stay the course. The feedback we get from every patient provides a roadmap of where to go.

Do I have to go to the chiropractor for the rest of my life?

At Guerette & Waybrant Chiropractic, continuing care is always your choice. There’s never any pressure. We do, however, recommend a casual maintenance program once every 6-8 weeks, which is fairly standard. Our goal is always to get you better and keep you feeling great!

Expect a great experience at our friendly and casual walk-in clinic. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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