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Meet Dr. Donald Guerette

Dr. Donald Guerette Chiropractor SarniaFor Dr. Guerette, his first introduction to chiropractic was when he was about 9-10 years of age and taking a martial arts class. One of the students in the class was a chiropractor who was able to help a fellow student who got hurt. “The chiropractor was in control and able to help the person. I looked at that at a very young impressionable age and thought, ‘Wow, that is something I want to do.’ I never really changed my mind from there.”

Helping Others Naturally

With a desire to help others in a more natural, clean way, Dr. Guerette attended National College of Chiropractic to earn his doctorate. He’s also accredited in the Graston Technique, which uses instruments to break up scar tissue. He finds it gratifying to get people better quickly. Often called “a miracle worker,” Dr. Guerette enjoys the day-to-day work of helping people heal.

“People look at what we do as being very valuable and something that no other profession can do. Every time somebody comes back into the office and says, ‘I feel great’ is a success.” Dr. Guerette sees patients with a variety of conditions including acute low back pain, foot, ankle and leg problems, upper back, lower neck, shoulder, and rib issues. He’s also helped many patients with plantar fasciitis.

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Thinking Outside the Box

For Sarnia chiropractor Dr. Guerette, one of his most memorable experiences was when he was in a clinic, just before he was getting ready to graduate. “There was a patient who had been going to the clinic. This patient had been passed off from intern to intern to intern. For whatever reason I was able to think outside the box, and I changed up the treatment that people had been doing for years.” Dr. Guerette was able to achieve success where nobody else could. “That patient was very grateful for what I was able to do and was in tears when I left the clinic.”

The clinician there took Dr. Guerette aside and said, “I never thought anybody would be able to do anything with this lady. I’m impressed by how well she’s responded under your care.” Revamping her entire treatment protocol enabled him to make a difference in her life.

Keeping Busy in Sarnia

When he’s not at the practice, Dr. Guerette spends much of his time pursuing his passion as a marathon runner. He travels all around the world for races. His wife and three children (two girls and a boy) enjoy keeping active. The kids are heavily involved in many local sports. He also stays busy professionally as a member of the local chiropractic group.

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