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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Donald Guerette

For Dr. Guerette, his first introduction to chiropractic was when he was about 9-10 years of age and taking a martial arts class. One of the students in the class was a chiropractor who was able to help a fellow student who got hurt.

The chiropractor was in control and able to help the person. I looked at that at a very young impressionable age and thought, ‘Wow, that is something I want to do.’ I never really changed my mind from there.”



Dr. Robert Waybrant

Heavily involved in sports as a kid, Dr. Waybrant was first introduced to chiropractic by his father who had seen a chiropractor regularly. Dr. Waybrant found it appealing that chiropractors could help people get back to daily life with just their hands. He enjoys being able to help patients of all ages, from young children to those in their early 90s.


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